We are iBakery

We’re always excited to tell people who we are.

Who we are

iBakery was born in July, 2010.

We are a social enterprise under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. We train and hire people with disabilities, and feed Hong Kong with a delicious menu at the same time.

Where we work

We have our own baking factory, bakery, cookie shops, restaurant and snack kiosks. We hope to make all these aspects of us self-sustainable, while spreading fine aroma and great taste everywhere in Hong Kong.

What we do

We vary in our abilities, but we share the same passion in our hearts. We insist to put all our efforts into every little bite, to make sure you will always taste the difference.

What we believe

We believe every little bit counts. And we make our little bites of happiness for you to share around, so all of us can help make our society a little bit different, together.

What we care

In line with all iBakery outlets, our iBakery Production and Training Centre dedicates to produce safe and quality bakery products and catering services.

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