About us
Conveniently located in the Tamar Park at Admiralty, iBakery Gallery Café, a social enterprise operated by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, is to employ and train people with disabilities. Our enthusiastic team, comprising people with different abilities, is happy to serve customers with fresh quality bakery products, coffee and light meal menu, while transmitting our passion through art creation and greenery.

We serve daily breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Please come and take a seat under the Door, in front of the Green, while enjoying your sip of Italian coffee or premium tea and bites of iBakery buttery cookies.

座落於添馬公園的添馬茶座內的 iBakery Gallery Café 是東華三院屬下專門聘用及訓練殘疾人士的社會企業。我們的團隊由不同能力的同事組成,竭誠為顧客提供新鮮優質烘焙產品、咖啡及簡便午餐,亦希望透過藝術創作及親手建設的綠化環境傳遞我們對生命的熱愛。
每天供應早餐、午餐、下午茶及晚餐。在「門常開、地常綠」前,嘆一口意大利咖啡或優質花茶及iBakery 新鮮牛油無添加曲奇 – The best time of the day!
Tamar Café at Tamar Park, Admiralty,
Hong Kong (MTR Exit A)
金鐘添馬公園添馬茶座 (港鐵站A出口)
Opening Hours 營業時間:
8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday
Tel: 2352 2700
Email: ibgcafe@tungwah.org.hk
Website: http://ibakery.tungwahcsd.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iBakeryhk